We craft our jewelry out of various metals and materials. We strive to keep our pieces hypoallergenic and avoid findings that commonly cause reactions such as nickel and latex. The type of material also determines the base cost of a piece. A finished piece made from pure titanium, for example, would differ in cost from the same piece made in aluminum. Also different materials require different levels of care in order to maintain their brightness and cleanliness. In order for you, our customer, to make an informed decision we would like to give you a little information on the common metals and materials we use.

Bright or Anodized
Aluminum is the easiest of our materials to take care of.
Cleaning: Soap and Water
Weight: Lightest
Cost wise: Least Costly


Brass, Jeweler’s




Rubber (EPDM)

Steel, Stainless

Titanium is one of the easiest of our materials to take care of. Just soap and water when you wash your hands is all you need. The picture below shows natural titanium and titanium that has been anodized. It has a matte look to it. Cost wise, it’s one of the top end materials.

Other Materials
On special orders, we can do work in the following metals. We do not currently stock these as they are expensive to do so.
18k Gold – Yellow, Red, Pink, Green and Palladium White
Gold, Rose – Filled
Gold, White – Filled
Gold, Yellow – Filled
Silver Filled
Sterling, Argentium
Sterling, Palladium
Sterling, Platinum